The Multi Genre Hindi Sufi Rock Band

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The Band

KAVISH  MISHRA (  Lead Vocals )

The voice of the band, Kavish has studied the great arts of Hindustani Classical Music with enormous passion and devotion from Jaipur Gharana. Moreover, his soul-stirring and thoughtful lyrics add life to the band.

A natural talent, he has been passionate towards music from a very young age. His skills have been polished by his learned teacher and he is ready to showcase his potential on the big stage. Currently, he is the front man of the band. A true optimist, his positive attitude and sharp sense of humour rubs off on everyone he interacts with, be it his band members or the audience he mesmerizes with his voice.


 SIDDHANT  (Keyboard)

Started learning music at the age of 8, the keyboardist of the band, Siddhant" also gives back vocals to the band. Well versed with the art of playing with fingers, he plays everything from classical to Bollywood and has given stage performances regularly throughout his life. He says, “When you do music you discover a part of yourself that you never knew is there within you”. 

Music is not the only spectrum of life he is good in. Being a business Man, he is good in  business and other areas of  life too. He has learnt how to manage well both his music and business and for that he gives all credit to music. It’s music that gives him strength and also transformed SIDD, what he is today. Indeed, music is his greatest passion.


A versatile drummer, Pankaj has played many shows, has been working as composer for past 4 years in various projects and right now playing with Daksh, also played in many bollywood songs. Pankaj has been involved with music right from his days in school, and did graduation in music from Delhi University. He plays a wide variety of instruments and is a talented all-round musician. He has singing abilities too.  

Also with having passion of music in his eyes, he came to Delhi and took entry in Daksh. Playing since last 6 years as prof. drummer with DAKSH. He can play hard rock, experimental, metal but he loves to play indian-fusion-rock.


 BOB  ( Bass  Guitar )

Introduced to the guitar when he was in 5th standard. Influenced by folk and western music and the much technical music involved in bollywood. He realised that the bass as his real passion at an early stage and took on to it. Guided by some well known musicians of north-eastern india and mostly self-taught. He used to play all the varieties of genre, but loves the Hindi-rock genre.

He believes that music is above all. Music is the only religion which distinguishes none in this world. He plays acoustic guitar as well.          


JATIN BISHT ( Lead Guitar )

Born and brought up in Uttaranchal with big dreams in small eyes, his loved once calls him " Mr. J". A Simple guy who can feel music all around who feels Music is said to be the speech of angels. He is passionate about guitar when he is 6 years old and this passion is now his profession from last 8 years.                                                                                                            He love jazz, Mexican, Spanish, rock and metal but he feel classical music is above all, which connects him directly to the almighty. He think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by.  For him, singing songs and playing guitar often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness. He says "At last but not the least , if you know what is music you cannot differentiate it with me". He is the Back Bone of the band.


  BIKASH   (Rhythm Guitar)

Accompanying Kavish and giving him the vocal support is Daksh’s Rhythm Guitarist Bikash. For someone who started playing since he was 10, Bikash has come a long way. He gives vocals also.  This young guy is not just loved by girls but is also the base of band as he works on compositions too. He is also from Assam.