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About Daksh

DAKSH- The Official Band Website With Information About Their Name, Genre, Songs and Concert with Biography. The name "Daksh" was introduced by Kavish Mishra. He is the founder of the band and introducing his band with multi- Hindi Rock genre to the world since 2007.

" Daksh "  is a Hindi term for the word "Dexterous" , which implies "Perfection, doing somthing meticulously. Simply, 'Daksh means Perfect' .

In a stylish studio in Delhi, the band members strumming their instruments, sitting on amplifiers talked about who they are. They started with their Music Video `Hai Dua'. 

Kavish Mishra is the lead vocalist of the band, Pankaj plays drum and percussions. Jatin used to play lead guitar for band, he is the specialist in rock guitar world. Bikash plays rhythm guitar and also sing for the band, BOB  plays Bass for the band with back vocals. Siddhant plays Keyboard also gives vocals to the band.

Given the music and official soundtrack "Din Dooba Teri Yaad Mein" in the movie "Kuch Spice To Make It Meetha" which was released on 29th feb 2012.

They are into music production also, did many  music projects for other artists and movies.

Kavish emphatically says, "Daksh as a band, is a team, not individuals. As the name suggests it is about Perfection & unity, about doing music we all love."

" HAI DUA"  and " DIN DOOBA"  are their introduction to the world as a band. 

The band came together informally in 2006 and started recording tunes. Once they felt they had a winning melody, they decided to turn the melody into song. They had music videos  "Hai Dua" , "Din Dooba" , "Ab Bas" , "Ye Hai Dilli" with six audio songs in their album.

The band is Hindi-Rock, they use Indian as well as western music and mix them to get the fusion.


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Songs:  1) Hai Dua

             2) Din Dooba

             3) Do Pal Tere Saath

             4) Ab Bas

             5) Ye Hai Dilli